Corporate Value

The Group’s five core values or I•CARE offer a unified concept and working direction for all employees.

Central Pattana has defined I • CARE as the core values that need to be transferred and instilledinall employees to ensure that its operational goals are aligned, contributing to good organizational culture. I•CARE comprises:


Creation of new products, welcome every opportunity and challenge to improve quality and produce more effective performance.

The Company stands ready to encourage and support all personnel in facing changes without pre-judgement, in overcoming all limitations and achieving all possibilities, in consistently examining and exchanging knowledge, and in fearlessly innovating with readiness to modify and improve in the turning of ideas into real practice.


Focus on customers, determined to provide excellent service with care and attention for internal and external customers.

The Company listens to customers’ needs and trains its personnel to know products and customers’ requirements in depth to provide service beyond expectation, all the while considering customers’ points of view, even in tough times. The Company is ready to admit mistakes when they are made and find immediate solutions to respond to customers’ changing requirements.


Work as a team for the progress of the business group

The Company drives its personnel to work for the corporation under the same overarching goals and bases its business decisions on choices that lead to the highest benefit for all. We listen to and respect all viewpoints, building new knowledge networks to raise expertise standards and foster joint experiences, as well as creating cooperation between branches and business groups, to become an organization of unity.


Common spirits with colleagues, business partners and society, for sustainable growth

The Company recognizes the importance of valuing and respecting differences and diversity in age, culture, and gender to promote a workplace where care, sincerity, flexibility and consideration of colleagues, business partners and society are key factors. We emphasize the keeping of promises to foster confidence and trust in our work, as well as creating an awareness of social responsibility for sustainable growth.


Respect of ethics in business operations

The Company upholds ethics in all our business dealings, emphasizes good corporate governance, and promotes personnel responsibility in forging integrity and trustworthiness for oneself and others. Our employees work with transparency, full disclosure and accountability, do not tolerate wrongdoings in the company, as well as obeying all rules, regulations, and the Company’s Code of Ethics.

These key components have become Central Pattana’s core value. "Because we care.. I • CARE"