Central Pattana’s Stock Information

On what stock exchange is Central Pattana traded and what is the stock symbol?

Central Pattana’s stock is traded on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) since March 1995 and the symbol is "CPN".
There are 4,488,000,000 shares outstanding. For more information regarding Central Pattana’s shares, please visit https://www.centralpattana.co.th/en/investor-relations/stock-information/stock-quote
Central Pattana’s major shareholder is Central Holding Co., Ltd., with shareholding proportion of 26%. There is no transaction made with such major shareholder.
The policy of Central Pattana is to pay dividends not less than approximately 40% of its operating net profit from consolidated financial statement, except when there is a compelling reason not to. The dividend payment will not exceed the retained earnings in separate financial statement. For more information regarding Dividend Information, please visit https://www.centralpattana.co.th/en/investor-relations/shareholder-information/dividend-policy