Press Release - The announcement of new project: CentralFestival East Ville

CPN undergoes major brand refresh for 'CentralFestival' by launching CentralFestival East Ville in Bangkok with new brand identity

  • CPN's CentralFestival brand is undergoing a refresh and a new brand identity is being created. From now, every new CentralFestival will be constructed under this new concept
  • More than 6,000 million Baht is being spent on CentralFestival East Ville with the new CentralFestival concept, the 'first full-scale lifestyle outdoor shopping center in Thailand' for all lifestyle needs, located near the Ekamai- Ramintra Expressway, is to be opened

Bangkok, 29 April 2014: Central Pattana Public Co., Ltd. (CPN) announced today that the brand 'CentralFestival' is undergoing a brand refresh to create new experiences in the retail industry. The new CentralFestival will offer special, unique characteristics and become a place where everybody comes to relax. Customers will have fun shopping, chilling out, eating and drinking, enjoying art, or working out at CentralFestival, which is responding to a wider range of lifestyle needs. CentralFestival East Ville, the 29th shopping center of CPN in Thailand, is the first project under this concept. It will be the 'first full-scale lifestyle outdoor shopping center in Thailand' located in the eastern part of Bangkok, on Praditmanutham Road (near the Ekkamai- Ramintra Expressway).

Ms.Wallaya Chirathivat, Senior Executive Vice President for Central Pattana Public Co., Ltd. (CPN) said 'CPN has set our business development strategies and directions in a new dimension to differentiate ourselves from other players, and strengthen our positioning as the regional leader in shopping mall development. CPN is refreshing the CentralFestival brand, changing its image from shopping mall in tourist destinations that reflects fun and a holiday spirit to a place where customers can relax by shopping, partying, eating and drinking, chilling out, and even enjoying art and working out. All in all, CentralFestival will respond to the lifestyle needs of city people as well as local people. The first new CentralFestival shopping center is CentralFestival East Ville, which is developed under a budget of over 6,000 million Baht. The project is located on an land plot of 51 rais, having a gloss floor area (GFA) of about 135,000 square meters. It is in response to the expansion in the eastern part of Bangkok now that the Ekamai and Sukhumvit areas are very crowded and cannot grow to support residents in Watcharapol and surrounding areas. CPN anticipates high growth and expansion around 'CentralFestival East Ville' because there are new residential projects and leading educational institutions, and people living in these areas have middle-to-high income. Furthermore, the Grey Line (a monorail line from Watcharapol to Rama IX) will run in front of shopping center, around Ladprao Soi 87 in the future, making a travel to CentralFestival East Ville much convenient. CentralFestival East Ville with the new and unique characteristics will also be bound to attract groups of customers with distinctive lifestyle.

'CPN carefully designed this project in accordance with LEED standards, inspired by the East Village in Manhattan, New York City, where there are sophisticated bars, bookstores, cafes, clubs, and modern galleries that attract people of all ages and genders, including those with the finest tastes. The project is also being developed under the concept of 'The New Nature Experience of Bangkok', i.e., the project is an outdoor premise, perfectly combining nature and a modern atmosphere, which some parts will be decorated with tree houses. CPN aims to develop CentralFestival East Ville's image as the third place where people spend time when they are not at home or work. Importantly, CentralFestival East Ville will respond more lifestyle needs than others. For example, Central FoodHall will open from 7 a.m. to serve breakfast and morning coffee. In the evening, customers can party, as well as wine & dine until midnight. There is also a jogging track similar to one in a public park for people in the neighborhood to work out. The shopping center also features parking spaces for bicycles, Wellness Center, and Pet Lover Zone, which offers complete variety of goods and services for pet lovers. In addition, there are florists and free Wi-Fi services for customers to work amidst a cozy atmosphere. There are eight world-class movie theatres. Although CentralFestival East Ville is the outdoor shopping center, the temperature in the interior will maintain at a comfortable level for shoppers.

CentralFestival East Ville will house an array of concept stores that are opening their first branches in Thailand and will be uniquely decorated.

Thailand's leading department store, Central Department Store will also be a major magnet of CentralFestival East Ville, international brands and other popular brands will also be available.

CentralFestival East Ville is expected to open in the fourth quarter of 2015.

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