Memorandum of Association of the Company

Clause 1.

The name of the Company is “บริษัท เซ็นทรัลพัฒนา จำกัด (มหาชน)” and its name in English is “CENTRAL PATTANA PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED”.

Clause 2.

The Company has the purpose of offering shares to the public.

Clause 3.

There are 23 objectives for which the company is established, the details of which are shown as follows:

  1. Construct, establish, take ownership of, buy, sell, rent, assemble, decorate, manage and operate all merchandise; or allocate, procure, hold, use, sell, assign, rent, give permission, mortgage, or sell by other methods to commercial entities, persons or other juristic persons for shopping center operation
  2. Operate hotels, guest rooms, beachfront amenities, swimming pools with full guest amenities including restaurants, foods and drinks, theaters, entertainment and sports
  3. Produce, cultivate, mix, create and use other methods for all food, seasoning ingredients and food products for the production, purchase, rental, sale and general operation of all durable articles and goods used in hotels, restaurants, theaters and all entertainment operations
  4. Procure, allocate, take up shares in, take ownership of, mortgage, pledge, sell, transfer, receive a transfer or sale by other methods, or conduct operation for products, utensils, commodities and personal properties, and to serve as an agent for the purchase and order of all properties
  5. Establish one or more offices to unconditionally undertake its single or multiple operations so as to buy or procure by other methods, possess, take ownership of, mortgage, sell, transfer, rent, rent out or sell by other methods all properties in Thailand and other countries under relevant laws
  6. Deposit, withdraw or overdraw money from any bank; issue bills of exchange, promissory notes and all types of notes payable; endorse, guarantee or underwrite notes payable; make payment for notes payable; and perform all other functions on such notes payable, except for the normal operations of a bank
  7. Engage in the business of all consumer goods as a wholesaler, retailer, importer and exporter
  8. Engage in the contractor business to construct residential, commercial and office buildings, including roads, bridges and all aspects of civil engineering, as well as investing in such operations, complete with engineering calculation and design
  9. Sell all construction tools, equipment and materials, such as cement, rock, gravel, sand, tiles, steel rods, galvanized sheets and electrical equipment
  10. Invest by holding shares, stocks or other securities in any limited company or partnership as seen fit
  11. Act as a broker, an agent and a commission agent in all commercial transactions (except for the insurance business, recruitment of members for any association and security trading)
  12. Enter into and honor contracts with any person, partnership, association, company, municipality, province, organization, department, ministry, state, political unit, government or colony of any government
  13. Borrow or acquire money for the Company’s benefit; make payment orders, issue guarantees, endorse and sign, or periodically issue unlimited amounts of promissory notes, drafts, bills of exchange, letters of comfort and other warrants, either in the form of notes payable or otherwise, and other documented evidence of debt; and be authorized to receive payment under the above-mentioned documents, including interest earned from mortgaging, pledging and the delivery or transfer to establish a trust, all or some parts of the properties already owned or that will be owned by the Company; together with the authority to sell any mortgage or sell other above-mentioned obligations for the Company’s benefit
  14. Offer surplus fund for secured or unsecured lending to any person, partnership or company
  15. Take necessary measures to enable foreigners engaged in the Company’s objectives to reside in Thailand for a required period
  16. Buy and sell products by bidding as defined by the Company’s objectives, including construction and civil engineering projects with any individual, juristic persons or government agency
  17. Borrow money from banks, juristic persons or other persons by mortgaging the Company’s merchandise and properties against such debt or sell them on consignment
  18. Borrow and lend money, underwrite and providing guarantee for any person of direct or indirect benefit to the Company
  19. Engage in the guarantor business under immigration, tax and other legislation for foreigners or Thais who enter or leave the kingdom
  20. Engage in the service provision of product trade shows and other exhibition events
  21. The Company is authorized to issue shares at a price higher than the par value
  22. The Company may offer share subscription to the public.
  23. To operate business of generating and trading electricity, electrical energy, alternative electric energy which includes purchasing, trading, exploring, developing, procuring, contracting, transforming, planning, building, reviewing, analyzing, designing, installing, obtaining, delivering, maintaining, reserving, storing, bidding, constructing, repairing, importing, exporting and operate other businesses related to electricity, electrical power and alternative electric energy.”
Clause 4.
Registered capital of Baht 2,244,000,000.00 (Two thousand two hundred and forty-four million Baht)
divided into 4,488,000,000 shares (Four thousand four hundred and eighty-eight million shares)
with a par value of Baht 0.50 (Fifty Satang) each,
categorized into ordinary shares in the number of 4,488,000,000 shares (Four thousand four hundred and eighty-eight million shares),
preference shares in the number of - (-)
Clause 5.

The head office of the Company is situated in Bangkok.