Collaboration with community

Central Pattana is committed to reducing impacts on communities, especially environmental ones. From the construction to the operation phase of a given project, it lessens the effects of dust, noise and waste. Together with the communities that share public drainage locations, it can reduce water pollution and manage waste issues. Moreover, the Company joined Central Group in holding the “Central Group Loves the Earth” campaign to preserve the environment. It focused on communities’ participation in taking care of public water sources, reducing waste, and increasing green areas.

The Company jointly with communities implemented environmental development project under the CPN Young Thai Intellectual Cultivation, which fostered environmental conscience among children. It instilled the idea of recycling and waste segregation to increase income for families. The students grew organic garden vegetables at the schools for internal consumption, practicing sorting garbage daily in different types of garbage bins placed around the schools. In addition, the company also uses the area and role of “Community Center” in raising awareness about the conservation of resources and the environment for communities and society.

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