Ecology and Biodiversity

Central Pattana values the quality of life of humans, plants and animals that coexist in the ecosystem; therefore, the Company established a policy on ecology and biodiversity management , which clearly states that it will never develop any projects in restricted or conservation areas. It also complies with the practices that require the Company to explore and study the ecosystem with external experts and preserve the ecology of every new and renovation project.

The Company focuses on promoting the local people’s quality of life by bringing nature closer to them. It also helps them recognize the value of saving and keeping the environment with communities and society. As a result, it designs landscapes to best harmonize with the city and the original ecosystem. It also increased green areas by planting trees both inside and outside the project. If it is unavoidable to uproot trees, the Company will move them to another nearby project and grow native plants around the project to create a sense of harmony.

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Biodiversity Management Policy
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