Vision & Mission


To be the most admired and dynamic regional retail property developer with world-class rewarding experience


Based on the vision, the Company strives to accomplish four missions to turn its vision into reality

Most admired Retail Developer of all Stakeholders

“To be the preferred mall of choice, delivering extraordinary values that exceed all stakeholders’ expectation”

  • To be the investor of choice by delivering competitive and sustainable returns to shareholders, investors, and strategic partners.
  • To be the happiness experience destination of targeted shoppers by delivering world-class rewarding experience. 
  • To be the most preferred partner of targeted tenants and partners by delivering business success together with long-term relationships. 
  • To be the top-ranked employer of choice by offering brilliant career opportunities and engaged society. 
  • To be the most socially and community-admired brand through the Company’s shopping mall positioning and signature corporate social responsibility programs.

Dynamic Retail Developer

“To create new retail formats and merchandising mix that fit better with our targeted customers’ changing lifestyles.”

The Company fully recognizes that customers’ dynamicity poses a key challenge. By the minute, customers have higher expectations, more complicated needs, and ready access to information. The Company’s own dynamicity pushes its shopping centers toward greater sophistication to cater to customers’ lifestyles. To this end, the Company never stops inventing formats for shopping centers, selects novelty shops and outlets that are both modern and match customers’ needs, applies advanced technology to customer services, stages outstanding and unique activities to create new experiences for customers, and synergizes with affiliates in catering to customers’ needs while striving for maximum impression among service users.

Regional Retail Developer

“To be a potential leader in the region and be considered as threat in all markets that we operate in”

The Company is committed to steady, sustainable growth, with the next step being a regional organization. To this end, we are committed to becoming a renowned retail property developer, with rapidly successful regional projects. Our prospective markets are clearly identified after prudent, strategic deliberation, with business plans and alliance formation plans that can promptly address business opportunities. All the time, the organization and its teams develop themselves for the capability and readiness to operate overseas business as envisioned.

World-class Rewarding Experience

“To be the shopping mall destination delivering world-class shopping experience superior to those of our competitors in all markets that we have presence in”

The Company is not only a shopping center developer, but also a deliverer of happiness to everyone, we ensure that all components of our shopping centers pay due attention to service users—whether through shop selection aimed for diversity and novelty, staging of interesting activities, or complete amenities. The Company is convinced that high standards and world-class qualities lead to market leadership, which is why we are always committed to attaining world-class status. We are convinced that our world-class happiness experience is at the top of customers’ mind and at the top of regional shopping center developers’ list in the future.