Sustainability Framework at a Glance

Central Pattana has transformed sustainable development to practical strategies by taking sustainability issues from the assessment process into the annual business strategic planning and formulated business strategies.

Diversification of business platforms for development and administration of properties

Strives for robust business growth while lessening business risks by diversifying its business platforms geographically and investment types.

Development of shopping centers into Centers of Life

Strives to maintain its competitiveness while relentlessly growing business by developing shopping centers into a destination of life rather than a place for shopping.

Property management and stewardship of stakeholders

Strives to optimally manage its shopping centers and properties by listening and engaging with stakeholders throughout the supply chain and a customer-centric way under the creating shared values (CSV) intention.

Excellence in resource and environmental management

Strives to relentlessly develop and improve business efficiency regard for potential impacts on the overall society and environment while jointly striving to materialize the circular economy

Prudent capital sourcing and financial management

Aims to uphold its strong financial position to continually support the growth of its businesses through prudent financial management practices and effective financial cost control.

Governance Structure
Material Issues for Sustainability
Stakeholders Engagement