Central Pattana established guidelines for taking responsibility and jointly developing communities with locals by adhering on community engagement to strengthen communities and, in parallel, implements projects to support educational development. the Company set the community engagement target as a corporate KPI and divided the plan into three aspects including mitigation of communities and environmental impacts and ccommunity engagement and community development.

Head of Business Development and Project Construction and Head of Operations

Responsible for developing into community center according to their corresponding jobs.

Head of Department of Corporate Social Responsibility Special Activity

Responsible for monitoring every project under the Center for Communities concept to ensure that it is effective and serves public interests. The Company collaborates with the Central Group’s Office of Policy Management for Corporate Relations and CSR, the manager of Tiang Chirathivat Foundation, and Environmental Foundation in setting the single operational direction under the supervision and monitoring of the Head of Operations and Marketing.

Performance Responsibility and Community Development
Society, communities Policy