Central Pattana established guidelines for taking responsibility and jointly developing communities with locals by adhering on community engagement to strengthen communities and, in parallel, implements projects to support educational development. the Company set the community engagement target as a corporate KPI and divided the plan into three aspects including :

1. Mitigation of communities and environmental impacts

The Company focuses on two key areas based on materiality analysis. The first is traffic, from before, during, and after the construction to the service phase. Another aspect is the environment, especially in waste management and wastewater discharge.

The Company clearly assigned responsible departments by value chain. During the project development and construction, the Community Relations team is responsible for regularly supervising, inquiring, and monitoring potential impacts on surrounding communities within a radius of 8-15 kilometers. After the projects are launched, the Branch CSR team and Quality Control team are responsible for such duties. The Marketing team and other teams monitor complaints through different channels, including social media, to rectify, improve, and reduce the impacts immediately.

2. Community engagement

Central Pattana divided community engagement into four categories as follows:

1) Construction of public-service facilities to enhance community wellbeing until now

Location Project
Pak Kret district Public health care center
Lumpini Park, Bangkok Public restroom
Bang Khun Thian district Central Park, Central Rama 2
Mueang district, Nakhon Ratchasima Riverwalk Park, Central Korat
Ratchaprasong intersection Pathumwananurak Park (not yet open for visitors)
Bangkok Elevated walkway from BTS Skytrain Siam to Ploenchit stations

Elevated walkway connecting to BTS Skytrain Ha Yaek Lat Phrao station

Central Phuket Glass footbridge with travelator

And design building by incorporting local architecture in accordance with the intent of the company to instill pride in communities and promote local cultures.

Local Identity through building design

2) The Company offered venues without charge to government agencies, educational institutes, civil society organizations, and non-profit agencies to promote understanding and awareness of issues of social, economic and environmental significance.

3) The Company, in collaboration with Central Group and Tiang Chirathivat Foundation supported communities and charitable organizations through making financial contributions to education-related causes, relief efforts and other areas.

4) In addition to providing opportunities for employees to participate in volunteer activities during office hours, the Company encourages all employees to engage with communities in meaningful ways by donating their skills and expertise to create a positive impact on society, culture and the environment.

3. Community Development

Central Pattana's collaboration with Central Group, Tiang Chirathivat Foundation and business partners in developing and strengthening communities, the internal process and community development direction have been constantly improved to align with communities' basic needs, skills and capabilities to distribution of income to local communities such as

1) Local Economy

The Company, in collaboration with Central Tham and Central Group, empowers local economies through supporting market mechanisms in communities such as

• Permanent retail space for organic farm products under the “Jing Jai Farmer’s Market” scheme

• Curated collection of New Year gifts filled with unique community items and folk wisdom creations.

2) Education

Education is the foundation of society. Through “Central’s Education” and “CPN Young Thai Intellectual Cultivation” programs, the Company seeks to promote learning and education by providing two types of support: infrastructure and skill development for students and teachers.

3) Others

• Provided equal opportunities for disadvantaged groups e.g., free space for registered lottery vendors with disabilities.

• The Company, together with the Central Group, continues the Central C.A.R.E for Disability project, which provides the disabled with financial support so that they may command professional knowledge

• Joined state enterprises, businesses and universities to pledge support for gender equality, tolerance and acceptance of diversity to promote peace and harmony in society at the “Gender Equality and Elimination of Discrimination” event, held by the Department of Women’s Affairs and Family Development, Ministry of Social Development and Human Security

• Joined hands with AGRITEC, the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), Sangkom SukJai Society (Sampran Model) and students and professors at Maejo University’s Faculty of Agricultural Production to improve job opportunities for people with disability in Wang Nuea district, Lampang province under the project “Planting Vegetables and Love.” In addition to building bamboo greenhouses and raised beds, participants received training on farming, composting and harvesting and produce will be sold at Jing Jai Farmer’s Market at Central Lampang.

Head of Business Development and Project Construction and Head of Operations

Responsible for developing into community center according to their corresponding jobs.

Head of Department of Corporate Social Responsibility Special Activity

Responsible for monitoring every project under the Center for Communities concept to ensure that it is effective and serves public interests. The Company collaborates with the Central Group’s Office of Policy Management for Corporate Relations and CSR, the manager of Tiang Chirathivat Foundation, and Environmental Foundation in setting the single operational direction under the supervision and monitoring of the Head of Operations and Marketing.

Roles of Society, Communities and the Environment

• Developing business along with social, community and environmental development. Central Pattana defined a written policy on society, community, and the environment

• Respecting relevant laws and/or regulations and try to surpass standards, such as inventing or applying the innovation of energy-efficient buildings in the Company’s shopping centers and office buildings; monitoring the operation of the Company and preventing it from damaging the quality of life of society, communities, and the environment; developing society in its quality of life, education, energy saving, and environmental protection. Besides, actively communicating and disseminating knowledge of environmental conservation to its relevant stakeholders to establish an environmental protection network that spreads knowledge and experience to all social sectors.

Performance Responsibility and Community Development
Society, communities Policy