Central Pattana defines supplier management plans according to the supply chain management policy emphasizing mutual transparency and fair trading with minimal impacts on communities, society, and the environment while considering human rights and safety in the supply chain, that is, suppliers in business development and construction, suppliers in shopping center and market development, and suppliers in organization management as risk from business are unable to handle alone, the company requires the cooperation of business partners and contractors in managing together.

Services to suppliers

Head of Business Development and Project Construction

Responsible for overseeing supply chain management of project development and construction, while the Head of Finance, Accounting, and Risk Management oversees corporate and asset management. They supervise cross-functional teams to jointly consider, screen, and assess suppliers with a combined view on innovation, techniques, expertise, and value of investment.

The cross-functional team comprising the corporate risk management team and the department directly is responsible for assessing supplier risks that may affect CPN. This covers risk assessment of key interconnected processes.

Roles of Supplier

• Emphasizing fair and equitable treatment of business partners and joint benefit. Central Pattana stipulated a written policy on business partner treatment. It also complied with the procurement regulations, which have clearly defined procedures and practices to develop and maintain long-term relationships and facilitate mutual trust.

• Treating business partners transparently. Central Pattana clearly defined business partner selection procedures under its procurement rules on project development and construction management, including procurement through business partner selection by price inquiry or price auction, or through E-Auction under the Company’s rules on pool procurement.

Performance Supply Chain Management
A Sustainability Shopping Center
Supply Chain Management Policy
Code of Conduct for Supplier