Central Pattana defines management plans and builds relationships with employee by adhering to the principles of supervision and treatment of personnel fairly, equally and appropriately according to the good corporate governance principles and human rights with the goal of becoming an Employer of Choice and implementing 3 management plans as recruitment and retention of employees, leadership and capacity building and highly effective and efficient organization.

Human Capital Management and Organization Development Division

Responsible for human capital management to promote and support employee development according to individual development plans, passed through all supervisors and line managers who are responsible for supporting, following up, and evaluating their staff’s performances.

Head of the Human Capital Management and Organization Development Division

Responsible for monitoring and ensuring that the employees’ feedback and engagement are aligned with work plans and efficient according to the corporate’s targets. The company stipulates that it is the duty of all employees to forge engagement within the organization.

Roles of Employee

• Providing fair and proper treatment of employees, whether in opportunity, compensation, job assignment, job transfer, or competency development, as well as managing employees’ workplaces to ensure the safety of their lives and properties, without discrimination, emphasizing equity and respect in human rights for employees at all levels

Performance Employee Management and Engagement
Respect of law and principles of human rights policy