Customer Centricity

Central Pattana use research findings and tendency analyses regarding customers’ changing behavior to rearrange the proportions of elements and stores in new shopping complexes. This aims to generate the beyond-expectation experiences by means of “add and drop” components in zoning areas to catch up with new customers’ demand and changing consumption patterns. The company’s modification and addition of new zones as one of the plans to create new innovations for shopping complexes.

Head of Business Development and Project Construction and Head of Operations

Responsible for customer insights prior to shopping mall construction and renovation. The research units from both business groups are directly in charge of conducting research and forwarding information to relevant business groups, i.e. Business Development, Leasing, and Marketing and Asset Management, for the analysis and development of shopping malls, services, and marketing strategies.

Performance Developing and Transforming Shopping Centers into a Center of Life
Innovative products and services