Application of digital and technology

CPN’s key strategies is to apply digital technology by establishing Digital Innovation. The operation plan focused on the development of innovation and technology to accommodate and facilitate customers and tenants and the management of information technology to maximize the business profits as follow:

Roles and Responsibilities

Digital innovations Unit respond for developing of innovation and technology to accommodate and facilitate customers and tenants and managing of information technology to maximize the business profits. To ensure the effectiveness of working process, the management committee is in charge to monitor of operations through monitoring of strategic plans.

Sustainability Performance

1. For Customers

1) Communication

This is the application of online media to enhance communication efficiency, contact channels and content quality so as to precisely address consumers’ lifestyles, and make use of their communication channels to interact with target audiences more purposefully. To do this, Instagram, Facebook , Line (@centrallife) and other video clips broadcast in other digital media channels – with a large number of followers.

2) Payment services

Aimed to correspond with customers’ behavior in a cashless society era and to address the government policy on digital economy such as E-wallet and QR Code payment.

2. For Tenants

CPN developed applications on mobile and tablets to service and increase convenience for tenants through digital transactions under “CPN Serve”, or CPN self service, anywhere, any time. This aims to facilitate stores such as general information, newsletters, promotion, announcement of activities, utilities, financial transactions.

3. Experiences delivery

  • Partnered with Central Group, one of the strongest firms conducting customer relationship via The 1 (T1C) – the program offering customers the chance to accumulate points when purchasing items on goods and services at any element of Central. This allowed customers to enjoy more benefits, every day and every time, under the T1C campaign with CPN’s participating stores. It included reward redemption and participation in marketing activities, exclusively designed for a particular group of customers.
  • Free-WiFi service for customers and the use of the Paging System in the Food Courts to facilitate customers who want to call service staff.
  • The Smart Customer Service (Smart CS) project to ensure easy information access and convenience for customers